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"Roofs of certain smaller new residential buildings and non-residential buildings

will be equipped with a solar photovoltaic system or a green roof."

- NYC City Council, Climate Mobilization Act 2021

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Future Meets Present is an idea

A sustainable future is not far off in time and space, but is expressing itself right now in the present.

Future Meets Present is also a "house of vision." We're a social design company here to visualize a sustainable future.

Imagine a time in which the Paris Accord has been reached and the Sustainable Development Goals have been met. That future is expressing itself all around us, and we're here to highlight those "indicators." Our work takes the form of graphic, communication, product, and community design.


To put simply, we're designing the world's vision board.

We treat work as a case study, never really being "finished" but always iterating on what it looks like when the future meets present.
To collaborate, partner, volunteer, intern, or even just say hi, please reach out.
Chances are we like you already.
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See you in the Future

Now is better than new, we have what we need to scale humanity's solutions today.
- Drawdown Report 2020
Humanity's Final Exam is to manage spaceship Earth.
- Buckminster Fuller
We are the universe experiencing itself.
- Carl Sagan
The future is already here—it’s just not evenly distributed.
- William Gibson