We design super sick virtual worlds

Worlds designed to welcome, engage, and inspire. Sometimes they end up in Time Square 😍

The Features of Our Metaverse
Events Platform

We are a Certified Partner of, a cutting-edge yet simple metaverse online events platform that works completely in the browser - no VR headsets or downloads needed. Each attendee gets their own customizable avatar to roam the custom high-fidelity world map we design together. AKA not Zoom.

Beautiful Design

Whether it's a space to co-work, welcome your new interns, or host a social gathering, we can create almost anything you see in your mind's eye

Embed Interactive

Go beyond a Zoom Room with an engaging user-directed experience. Embed nearly anything into your virtual world: Google Docs, sheets, pages, websites, videos, PDFs, whiteboards, games. Imagine your latest "reforestation report" embedded between a mini digital forest.

Facilitate Intimate Breakouts

Within any space, we can create nooks and areas for closer, more private conversations to unfold, just like finding a nice firepit with a great view to unwind and reflect after your event.

Catch The Vibes In Action
Hear from our clients

The FMP team has a vision that is ambitiously creative in a way that is continuously striking to me.  They move toward that vision on the wave of sheer excitement that is palpable in every conversation you have with them. 

Earth Day Initiative

John Oppermann
Executive Director

Future Meets Present has served as KIPP Chicago's patient guide and has helped us translate our ideas into (virtual) reality on this platform while pushing our thinking on what's possible and maximizing our users' experience.

KIPP Chicago

Mariah Schroeder
Vice President of Impact and Innovation

On behalf of everyone at Dignity of Children, we are elated with the incredible work Future Meets Present did for us. It looks so good! I am so ecstatic with the way our virtual world came out. Thank you, Future Meets Present!

Dignity of Children

Jovan Diaz
Director of Operations

Asked Questions
Wait, what exactly is Gather?
Great question. It was also new to us at the start of the pandemic. Gather.Town is an online “proximity-based” events tech platform. Meaning, you walk around a world with a small character, similar to Super Mario or Pokemon, and once you get close to another character you can hear and see the other person. Simply walk away and the conversation fades. All in your browser. We build worlds hosted on Gather, which we don't work for, similar to how we didn’t create or work for Adobe Photoshop, but we do create beautiful work inside it.
How quickly can we get a World built?
Also a great question. We’ve covered the gamut between 2 weeks and 4 months. We know how it feels when a vision hits. If you want to create something for your event that’s around the corner, reach out and let’s see what we can do! We might have a pre-made World that can be tweaked to your liking with a little heads up. We do enjoy a turnaround time of 6-8 weeks including regular check-points and revisions.
What budgets do you work with?
Each project varies based on the size and number of maps for your World, number of attendees, and number of events you plan to hold in your World. Once we build the World we can either hand it off, or be on board to support with as many events as you like. Our minimum starting point is $8k to design a map and launch your first event, with various other packages ranging from $15k - $45k depending on your needs and scope of work. Although we have a company to run, we won’t let budget get in the way of your vision. Reach out for a discovery call and a quote.
What are the benefits of a platform like Gather?
This is the closest thing we’ve found that offers a spontaneous, free-flowing means of connection on a digital platform. Without being limited to a grid like Zoom, you can walk around a World on your own accord. Explore links, information, resources, and “stumble upon” others interacting with the same content, leading to naturally emergent conversations that couldn’t have happened through a grid. Take a look at the Gather features section above to learn more.
What are the technical constraints?
As much as we’d like to make it all happen, the platform is still constantly evolving. This creates certain constraints that we can’t avoid. Some constraints to consider:
  • At this time Gather is limited to 500 attendees
  • Music streaming is not ready yet, but we’ve found a workaround
  • Moving objects and gifs. We wish! Not yet, but we imagine it will be available in the future
  • You can have your character on a “loudspeaker” and broadcast a message or keynote to 100 participants at a time. For a larger presentation we would seamlessly link to zoom and seamlessly link back when the announcement is complete.
What type of organizations do you work with?
We work best with for-purpose organizations bringing us a sustainable, regenerative future. But if you're working to bring communities together around beneficial social change not necessarily tied to climate - we'd still love to help. Even if you feel like you’re not climate-aligned, we’re happy to work with you...but you can expect us to send you the "Climate Solutions at Work" PDF from our partner Project Drawdown to make "Every Job a Climate Job." Or better yet, download the guide yourself and let's talk about it at our kickoff! All hands on deck!
Wow we also want to increase our climate action, can you help?
Music to our ears.  Please drop us a line and we’ll continue bringing this sustainable, regenerative future that's calling out to us in the present, here, together.
Okay! We’re in. What’s next?!
Epic! Here’s the basic rundown: After filling out the form below, we'll set up a Discovery call to get alignment on a moodboard and floorplan, and establish a timeline. While you wait for us to book the Discovery call, build that vision -- create a moodboard or a pinterest, or bookmarking links to start giving us an idea of what’s happening up there.