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Our Flagship Work

Marketplace of The Future

Inspired by the 1939 NY World's Fair, the Marketplace of the Future is a "World's Fair of Sustainability." Imagine a time in which all organizations are working for the betterment of people and planet. "MOTF" is the official closing ceremony for Climate Week NYC - happening this year on Sept 24-25, 2021.

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Designed to replace plastic bags - the most ubiquitous consumer item on the planet - Braceletote is the market's first "wrappable" tote bag. Made entirely out of recycled/repurposed materials, carries 50 pounds, machine washable, utility patented as of March '21.

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Future Meets Party

A gathering that doesn't result in waste, but rather a celebration of sustainability that's emerging before our very eyes.

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I'm Here Shirts

Wonderful little reminders.

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Our Flagship Work

Do you have an event, conference, or festival that's helping make a more sustainable, creative, healthy, equitable world? Do you want an experience for your attendees, fans, customers, community that's more creative and sparks spontaneity more than just a video conference call? Let's build a world together.

Our team of designers and architects create custom digital event spaces on the Gather.town platform - a fun, interactive space that feels like a combination of childhood Zelda x Zoom.

Our most recent large-scale event was the 2021 NYC Earth Day. It got a little love on CNN and was promoted in Times Square.