So wonderfully illustrated by Project Drawdown, here we see a graphic of rising and falling green house gas emissions. The point at which emissions begin reversing is referred to as the "moment of drawdown."

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 11.09.00 PM.pn

While, "sounding the alarm" is necessary to reach the moment of drawdown, the alarm is not the only thing that deserves attention.

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The good news is, we now know the sources of green house gas emissions around the world - transportation, food & agriculture, energy, buildings, industry. This gives us an idea of where the solutions will emerge and what an emissions free future might look like. 

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These solutions are known as social innovations. We like to call them indicators of what it looks like when the future meets present.

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Our theory of change is that vision isn't merely inspiration, it's information. And a collective vision of our desired destination is required to get there. 

After all, energy flows where attention goes.

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Future Meets Present is a social design company creating and curating indicators of an emerging sustainable future. In short, we're designing the world's vision board.

More soon.