So wonderfully illustrated by Project Drawdown, here we see a graphic of rising and falling green house gas emissions. The point at which emissions begin reversing is referred to as the "moment of drawdown."

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 11.09.00

"Sounding the alarm," by necessity, is the loudest tone of voice at the moment. It can, however, be quite paralyzing.

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The good news is, the sources of emissions have been clearly identified - transportation, food & agriculture, energy, buildings, industry - meaning we know what the solutions must be. This tells us what emissions-free future will look like. 

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These solutions are known as social innovations. We like to call them indicators of what it looks like when the future meets present.

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A pre-condition necessary to respond to the alarm, is that our ambition must be greater than our anxiety. How do we do that? By highlighting all of the social innovations that are already happening, indicating the emergence of the sustainable future we need.

After all, energy flows where attention goes.

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Future Meets Present is a social design company creating and curating indicators of an emerging sustainable future. In short, we're designing the world's vision board.

More soon.